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private yoga online and in-person in San Francisco
private yoga online + in-person in San Francisco

Unplug to reconnect 
a therapeutic yoga retreat

*early bird til April 1*
Aug 2 - 4, 2024
Ukiah, CA

do you want yourself back?

Raquel Scalon Private Yoga offers therapeutic, interactive and highly tailored private yoga to busy professionals online and in-person in San Francisco.

You're driven, smart and at the prime of your life

You feel very accomplished professionally and yet there’s still so much you want to explore and share with the world.

At this point, it’s become obvious your health is priceless, your best prize ever. Moving through life healthily is your only option.

You need your body and your vitality to match the power for expansion you carry inside.

In a nutshell, you want ALL of you, ALL the time. Completely here, 100% available on all fronts, so you can live your life to the fullest and share your fullness with the ones around you.

All of my clients have families and super busy schedules. When they notice the after taste of our sessions, it’s crystal clear it needs to be an ongoing part of their self-care.

They make time for it because it DELIVERS exactly what they had been needing, but were not aware of:


A moment of pause from their hectic lives to unwind, self-regulate, reclaim their body,

calm the mind and nourish the spirit.


A moment to get themselves back, entirely.

Each session is co-created: I tune into them, pick up their vibe, ask a few questions and draw from my magic therapeutic yoga hat the appropriate tools and skills to help that human, at that particular moment in time.


In that sense, each session is highly tailored, modifiable, intuitive and spot on. Just what the integrative holistic doctor prescribed!

If you wish to stay physically active, mentally sharp and learn tools to self-regulate, I'd love to support you in this journey.

I am here to candidly hold you accountable and

provide you space to get yourself back.


Shall we?





My approach to private yoga is a blend which draws from the many specialized trainings I’ve taken throughout the past 12 years. In addition to holding a bachelor’s degree in psychology (2008), I’ve studied extensively yoga psychology, somatics, therapeutic yoga, biomechanics, soft tissue release, mindfulness and breathing techniques.


Each session is a co-creation. I sense your energy, observe your body, breathing, mood and holding patterns. I then create a session based on the feedback you provide, so you always get what you need.


The way I work with my clients is relationship and trust based. There’s a specific energetic quality when you’re receiving someone’s full attention.


My purpose as a teacher is to pay attention, listen to what you say and observe your body move. As a result, you drop a bit more deeply into you. In this 1-on-1 context, there’s a sense of deep presence and connectedness that feels fresh and enlivening.


I’m a strong believer that whatever change you wish to manifest in your life, starts with fully trusting the ones guiding you. I am committed to helping you recharge physically and mentally so you can feel more centered and energized to live your life to the fullest. 


Let’s look eye to eye and establish some real, meaningful exchange, online or in-person.

WHO i work with

private yoga online + in-person in San Francisco

busy professionals

online private yoga

    working mamas

private yoga instructors near me

adults in physical therapy

private yoga san francisco


who I work with
how it works

how it works


You arrive curious, hopeful, available to engage and trusting this modality will help you.


We do an initial intake where I ask a lot of questions about what has happened to your body thus far and what you wish to explore. 


You’re usually either new to this work and/or fresh out of physical therapy.


As we get to know one another, you feel comfortable saying no, as well as exploring avenues that might be more physically and/or emotionally challenging.


At this point, we fully trust each other and the process.


I design a 12 session private yoga program based exactly on what you want. One session at a time, we observe how you move, open, breathe, ache and resist.


You’re becoming reacquainted with your body, refining your ability to sense and feel. To most, this is a coming back. To some, it’s their first time fully inhabiting their body.



The sense of connecting to your own vitality keeps you interested, curious and looking forward to being on the mat!


At it’s core, therapeutic yoga tools are to help you be 100% available to yourself so you can live your life to the fullest.

why choose private yoga

why choose private yoga


meaningful trustworthy teacher-client relationship


practice from

the comfort of

your home


targeted program that addresses

your specific needs


all of my attention is zoomed in on you


provides structure for consistency


zero commute saves precious time


practice when

it's convenient

for you


easily track your personal improvement


allow yourself to be led and held by another

You and i would be a good fit if you

Want to establish a practice from the comfort of your home at a time that works best with your schedule.

Have zero time to waste and want to get the most out of your financial investment;

Are ready to take the reigns of your health, both physical and mental.

Let's connect

I offer curious prospective clients a 15 minute call, 100% commitment free.


Let me help you.

let's connect
private yoga online and in-person in San Francisco

Unplug to reconnect 
a therapeutic yoga retreat

*early bird til April 1*
Aug 2 - 4, 2024
Ukiah, CA



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updated February 2024

The Bay Club 150 Greenwhich Street
FRI @4pm Therapeutic Yoga

The Metropolitan Club 640 Sutter Street 
MON @6pm Therapeutic Yoga
WED @9
am Therapeutic Yoga
FRI @9am Yin Yoga

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Refine the basics with bite-size therapeutic practices on the go!

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All Videos

All Videos