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Karen and Vernon Baas

Karen & Vernon Baas

Julia Nguyen

Julia Nguyen

Steve Sweetser

Steve Sweetser

Michelle and Eric Millr

Alix Marduel

I have been taking private yoga sessions with Raquel since February 2017. I found her through Yelp, and she has been a wonderful trainer who is very attentive to my body's issues.


I am feeling better and learning about proper form for poses that you normally wouldn't get from a public yoga class.

Raquel is an excellent, super pleasant and competent yoga instructor. She helped me tremendously in preparing and recovering from hip surgery.


Practicing 1-on-1 with her largely contributed to my quick and full recovery after surgery. I'm very grateful to have found her. Merci Raquel!

Michelle and Eric Miller

My husband and I connected with Raquel when I was just starting my first pregnancy. Her custom yoga sessions allowed us to each obtain our unique goals while enjoying the practice together and bonding as a couple. No matter what your practice may entail, Raquel can adapt and guide you through the physical, mental, and spiritual journey you hope for.

I have back and neck issues which I have battled for many years. Raquel took a special interest in my problems and came up with a series of yoga exercises which have allowed me to treat myself daily for my back pain. 


I feel very fortunate to have found Raquel, and I'm a better and healthier person because of this.

We've been practicing semi private yoga with Raquel for for almost 3 years now. She has spent time learning our personalities and finds new ways to keep us engaged and appropriately challenged.


One of her talents that I most appreciate is her ability to adapt our practice on any given day for what our bodies need.




I got engaged a few months ago and was inspired to get in better shape. I've been doing 1x1 sessions with Raquel for 2 months now and with her help, I FINALLY HAVE MUSCLES! For the first time in my life, my arms are more than just long things that look like poles! Raquel is very hands-on and focuses my lessons around the areas that I want to improve.

I highly recommend her!

Willim Choi

William Choi

Virginia Kao

Jeff Hughes

Mary Anne Baysac

Mary Anne Baysac

I struggled practicing in a group class environment and decided to do private sessions. That's how I met Raquel.

She immediately understood my concerns and limitations and reassured me that there were ways to work around my problem spots.


Her exercises have enhanced my physical therapy homework, and she is excellent in monitoring my status and energy level.

I had always wanted to try yoga but was too intimated to take a class. My wife gifted me a 10 class package of private yoga and it's been such a great experience! Raquel is a patient, knowledgeable instructor with a solid understanding of biomechanics and physiology.


She has also helped me with back and hip issues that had been bothering me for a long time.  


My range of motion and flexibility haven't been this great in years!

Raquel has truly been a blessing for my pregnancy! As a health care professional it was difficult to accommodate the benefits of yoga in my busy schedule. She utilizes her wealth of knowledge in yoga, human anatomy, and breathing to cater to my unique needs. I feel amazing after every session!


Thanks to research on Yelp, I found a private yoga instructor who has been exceptional!

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