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Tight lower back, hunched over shoulders, neck stiffness anyone?


We know the "prolonged sitting + poor posture" combo can take a toll on your back during the work day, as well as over time. If we don’t tend to the health and mobility of the spine, it will slowly stiffen up, cause discomfort and impede us from living a healthy active life.


In UNRAVEL YOUR SPINE SERIES, we will explore the main anatomical components which aid good posture in bite-size chunks so you can understand better your own anatomy.

UNRAVEL YOUR SPINE begins on September 13th, 2021!



- This hybrid series comprises 6 pre-recorded and 6 live stream classes;


- Pre-recorded classes vary in length between 35 - 60 minutes, and live stream will be 60 minutes long;


- You will practice online at home to the pre-recorded classes prior to the live stream classes; 


- The live stream classes will be more interactive and explorative, and will help you solidify your knowledge learned based on the pre-recorded classes;


- You will have 5 days to practice on your own to the pre-recorded class before we meet for the live stream class;


- Along with each pre-recorded video, you’ll receive a downloadable fact sheet with the key components of the given class in a very visual, straightforward design;

- Anytime during the series you’ll have priority access to me via email with questions regarding the content of the series. I will reply to you within 24 hours. 



CLASS #1: Recruiting the feet as foundation.  (Sept. 13th - Sept. 18th)

First class focuses on physically recruiting the soles of the feet as a fundamental steady base. You’ll incorporate the subtle awareness of being rooted to the ground as you extend, side bend and rotate the spine in various relationships to gravity.  


CLASS #2: Core support for lower back strength.  (Sept. 20st - Sept. 25th)

Second class focuses on understanding basic pelvic positions as well as identifying your own postural bias when standing/sitting. A lot of attention will be placed on attentively activating lower abdominal muscles in order to support lower back strength.


CLASS #3: How do you want to twist?  (Sept. 27th - Oct. 2nd)

Third class focuses on relieving mid and upper back tension with the therapy balls. We’re all a little different in terms of our anatomy and physical restrictions, so you will experiment with twisting in two different ways. Hopefully by the end of this session, it will become clear what’s the most beneficial way for YOU to twist.


CLASS #4 Back bending evenly through the spine.  (Oct. 4th - Oct. 9th)

Fourth class focuses on understanding the natural curves of the spine and how discomfort in backbending often arises from overly relying on the lower back and neck. You’ll learn how to evenly distribute the backbend load along the whole back body for a satisfying spine mobility experience.


CLASS #5 Back body strength & neck stretches. (Oct. 11th - Oct. 16th)

Fifth class focuses on incorporating hand and forearm weight bearing poses while recruiting core engagement and back body strength. Special attention will be placed on upper back and neck self-massage with the therapy balls for excess tension release.


CLASS #6 Putting it all together - the best of Unravel the Spine.  (Oct. 18th - Oct. 23rd)

Sixth and final class focuses on highlighting the key concepts explored throughout the series. It serves as a go-to well-rounded practice to build strength and joyfully unravel your spine! 



Pre-recorded classes will be released on Mondays. 

Live stream classes will take place Saturday morning @9:30am. 


9/13 - Release of class #1 Recruiting the feet as foundation, pre-recorded

9/18 - Live stream @9:30am


9/20 - Release of class #2 Core support for lower back strength, pre-recorded 

9/25 - Live stream @9:30am   


9/27 - Release of class #3 How do you want to twist?, pre-recorded

10/2 - Live stream @9:30am 


10/4 - Release of class #4 Backbending evenly through the spine, pre-recorded 

10/9 - Live stream @9:30am 


10/11 - Release of class #5 Back body strength and neck stretches, pre-recorded 

10/16 - Live stream @9:30am 


10/18 - Release of class #6 Putting it all together - the best of!, pre-recorded

10/23 - Live stream @9:30am, final class. 


- 1 blanket
- 1 strap
- 2 blocks
- 1 set of the therapy balls
- 1 chair 

UNRAVEL YOUR SPINE begins on September 13th, 2021!

Join the class before August 31, 2021 and enjoy my early bird special of only $250

Regular Pricing $300

Join me for Unravel your Spine

I am so happy to be able to offer this new hybrid course for you! 


If you have any questions I'd love to chat more about the course and what to expect.  

Email me at to learn more.


"I was lucky to take Raquel's Unravel you Spine classes when she was teaching in person pre-covid times. It was yummiest treat for your spine!


Even though I didn't have any specific issues I sit whole day at the office and it was no brainer to join on it.


Each class focused on different aspect of healthy spine and sequence of classes helped me understand how everything interconnected and pay attention to my sticky areas.


Raquel provided many modifications and easy to follow moves anyone can do at home. At that time I wished I could remember everything to practice later.


I am excited to join the class again with new online pre-recoded option available!


Raquel's gentle therapeutic yoga teaching would benefit anyone who wants to maintain healthy spine, learn new moves and have fun doing it!"


" I’m a huge fan of Raquel’s yoga classes and workshops and this was an opportunity to find out what exactly ‘unravelling my spine’ meant and how the class would introduce a new element to my yoga practice.


Afterwards, I remember thinking how much I learnt about being more aware of the spine as an active part of the body.  (Especially as I sit hunched over a computer all day).


It was a great learning experience and I felt my entire body had been stretched and loosened in places I never imagined. 


As always, Raquel offers options for different bodies that don’t quite get into the ‘right’ position!  She also makes it fun and the classes go by very quickly. 

Raquel delivers the class with clear simple instructions in an easy and fun way, with many options and variations.  


You leave feeling refreshed and re-energized."



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