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info + sign up for the live stream classes

Which platform will you use for live streaming the public yoga classes?


We will live stream using ZOOM, which is a video conferencing platform used for virtual meetings, webinars, and yoga lessons. It offers outstanding audio and video quality. The Zoom website is:



How do I pay for the live streaming classes?

Scroll down to "LIVE STREAM CLASSES", select the class you want to attend and complete payment. Fee for each class is $15. Please note you will need to sign up for each class individually.


How do I join the live streaming classes?

Once you complete payment, you will be sent automatically via email the correspondent ZOOM link to join that class.



I wish to participate but am not very tech savvy, who can help me?


If you need guidance setting this up, email me and I will talk you through the steps on how to use this platform. It's very easy and intuitive.

What's my deadline for class registration?


You may register for live streaming classes up to 5 minutes prior to class start time. 


Should I use my laptop, phone or tablet?


Live stream classes work better if you use a laptop with a camera on top. This allows the camera to be easily adjusted so I can see everything you’re doing. If you need to use your phone, tablet, or desktop, we will make it work.


What's the best set up for my laptop and yoga mat?


Set up your laptop far enough away so I can see you and the side view of your full mat. The whole horizontal mat should be in the camera frame. Do your best to follow these guidelines, but don't worry if it's not perfect.



What's different about your style of teaching live stream yoga classes?


My intention is to be as present as possible and hold space so you can practice. I also want to be able to SEE you and give clear queues.


I have found that the best way to do that using this online live stream platform is to remain seated in stillness in front of my computer as I lead the class using verbal queues only. There will be no need for you to look up to the screen. If you do, all you will see is my smiley face staring at you.

I'm a beginner to yoga and practicing live stream classes.

Will I be able to follow along?


Absolutely. Public live streaming yoga classes will be thoughtfully sequenced in a way that makes it easy for practitioners of all levels to follow along. The moves are simple, familiar with a grounding and soothing quality. All you need is to open your ears to the verbal instructions and enjoy being in your body.


Do I need yoga props?

Props are our tireless helpers, and a good yogi is surrounded by support. Now is a good time to invest in:

- 2 foam blocks
- 1 8 inch yoga strap with the "D" ring
- 1 blanket

- 1 set of soft rubber therapy balls tennis balls would be a close equivalent)

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