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private yoga as an all-encompassing approach to a healthier you.

Check out below all the deets about the Summer Special and how therapeutic yoga tools can make you feel more like yourself.

Q & A

What is the private yoga summer special?


The private yoga summer special is a special where you get 8 sessions for the price of 5. That’s a highly discounted rate for the same quality of service. 


This is the only time such a special will be offered in 2023, the time to take advantage of this is NOW!


We will have 8 full hours to work together and get to the bottom of what’s been bringing you discomfort, therapeutic yoga style.

How can I benefit from the private yoga summer special? What’s in it for me?


- It’s a great opportunity for you to get a set of expert eyes on your major pain points in a welcoming setting.


- We’ll explore in an unrushed and non-judgemental way all the layers of what’s happening in your body right now. 


- You’ll  understand your own patterns of holding + moving. 


- You’ll learn how to alleviate symptoms on your own with props (isn’t that nice?).


- You’ll have fun exploring new ways of moving and inhabiting your body.

- You will get an easy to follow, targeted movement routine for maintenance.

How do I know this is a good fit for me?


This will be a great fit for you if you are:


- Currently in physical therapy healing from an injury and want to vary your movement routine.


- Dealing with an on-going injury/discomfort that’s been affecting your mood and well-being. 


- Brand new to yoga and want to understand the basics of how you can be more intentional about inhabiting your body.


- Wanting to get excellent service at a fraction of the investment of traditional physical therapy.

What can I expect from our initial assessment session?


Session #1 is all about the basics, and I will assess:


  • How you stand, walk and sit 

  • Where you carry your weight in your body

  • How you hold yourself up

  • Any leg length discrepancy

  • Symmetry/asymmetry in shoulders 

  • Spine and pelvic alignment 

  • Range of motion on the main joints, such as neck, shoulders, hip and ankles.

How can you help me, more specifically?


Here’s a brief list of the most common ailments/requests my clients bring to our sessions:


  • Rotator cuff strength 

  • Herniated disc management 

  • Shoulder and neck stiffness 

  • Improve balance 

  • Hip replacement rehab 

  • Hamstring + glute strength (the fun way!)

  • Knee + ankle stability 

  • Pronated feet, and more!

a note about physical therapy and private yoga


Being seen by a licensed physical therapist fresh out of an injury is the right way to go, as they are trained on how to provide you with a thorough assessment and care plan. I often refer my clients to see physical therapists when I notice they need more in-depth guidance.


A big part of my work is to understand the main idea of what the PT is suggesting. I then come up with novel ways of creating a movement routine that expands the main ideas as I watch you, and as you provide me feedback. 


In addition to being creative and co-create a session with you, and FOR you, I also take into account what’s happening on the background of your life, stress factors, time devoted to self-care, quality of relationships, your evolution in terms of self-awareness and how the time we have together impacts the rest of your life.  


I tune into areas I see you’re ready to be challenged, and the areas you need to be supported and nourished. And this is where all the therapeutic yoga tools come into play to help you get your body back, your energy back, get yourself back. 


In that sense, having private yoga sessions through the therapeutic yoga lenses is a more thorough and all-encompassing approach than just physical therapy alone.  

OK, so how is this work different from physical therapy?



  • If practicing in-person, you will be welcomed in my calming, quiet, spacious, natural light filled studio

  • Since we have 8 sessions together, we have the luxury of time to explore, move and rest, there’s no need to hurry the process

  • 8 sessions is adequate time to help you create a solid foundation of a therapeutic yoga practice. It’s an invitation to plug a healthier routine into your life. 



  • You choose 1 - 2 pain points to start addressing and we allow everything else to unravel from there, giving ourselves permission to take detours. 

  • While we might be addressing the physical body, emotional needs will surface, and that will inform me on how to shift gears. 

  • I always have a plan, but I also allow for spontaneity and co-creation. In that sense, I follow your lead, keep observing and we discover what works perfectly, just for you. 



  • We will pick up on each other’s vibes as we work together and establish a safe and healthy teacher-student relationship. 

  • You feel more engaged if you’re learning from someone you know and trust.

  • You will look forward to our time together because it will become a very special and healing part of your week.

I want to give this a try!


What’s the investment and how do I purchase the private yoga summer special?

When you enroll in the private yoga summer special you get 8 sessions for the price of 5! 


Total investment is $590, to be paid in full with credit card prior to class #1.

Read here the candid review of one of my current clients,Drew Cushing.


Drew purchased the 8 for 5 package last year because he was struggling with a funky ankle and a funny gait. Check out his progress throughout the past 9 months we've been working together.


This could be us figuring things out together!


  • Must purchase package between June 1 - June 21, 2023.

  • Classes do expire. Must fully redeem the package by August 31, 2023. 

  • Sessions will be held in my studio in Nob Hill and/or online. 

  • Private yoga is for 1 person only, contact me for DUETS.

  • Each class is 1 hour, it starts and ends on time. 

  • Available to new private clients only. 

  • 48 hour cancellation applies.

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