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OFfice yoga

the healthy midday pick-me-upper

It's no news that long hours of sitting at a desk takes a toll on our bodies really fast. Yet, a lot of office workers find it challenging to include a movement practice in their busy schedule, specially in the city.


After 5 years delivering on-site yoga in San Francisco I've been gathering honest feedback from office workers and have narrowed down the most relevant benefits of this service. They are 3:


They report feeling refreshed and more alert after class;

It positively impacts their energy level, focus and efficiency throughout the day;

It's specially beneficial to those who feel more welcomed practicing with a group of people they already know and trust.


No fancy pretzely poses or woo woo language; classes are level appropriate, well-informed, fun and team building;

They appreciate how class enables to switch gears and manage everyday stress;

They receive more personalized guidance and attention.


When yoga class is only a short elevator ride away, it's easier for them to show up mainly because there are no excuses;

Having yoga embedded in the work schedule guarantees new parents will have an hour for self-care before returning home to family life;

The convenience of not having to leave the building for class saves them time and simplifies logistics.

what i do

I specialize in delivering energy boosting, stress relieving and accessible yoga to companies in San Francisco.

how i teach office yoga

Class starts and ends on time, so no one needs to worry about being late

I incentivize employees to come to class even if they're running late

I always learn everyone's names and inquire about their goals 

I ask for requests and deliver a class that attends their needs

I incorporate chairs and tables as a means to teach stretches they can do all by themselves

I use clear and straight forward language and precise and informative hands on assists

Class tends to be invigorating and grounding, so employees feel refreshed and rebooted

I welcome everyone  regardless of physical condition and experience


"Finding time at work to de-stress can be difficult. Having a class in our building has helped me to prioritize personal well-being and always leaves me feeling refreshed. My favorite part has been seeing improvements from this class in my everyday life. Raquel does a great job of teaching across many skill levels. As a beginner in her class, I always felt included and able to ask questions."

Michael Zipp

Network Engineer II

"For those of us sitting in meetings or at our desks for a good portion of the day, her yummy stretches and infectious enthusiasm helped us survive our dynamic and often challenging work environment. Many of us were new to our practice, and Raquel’s patience, sense of humor, and deep understanding of yoga helped to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and cared for."

Ray Larsen

Senior Graphic Designer

"My favorite part about having yoga at work is that it helps to break up my day, relieves stress, saves me time and I get to share the experience with other co-workers. Raquel is probably hands down one of the best yoga teachers I have had. She's very knowledgeable, shows up with a very positive attitude, has a great sense of humor and seems to always design a class that caters to everyone's needs."

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Elisa Sims

Senior Accountant

Let's work together

Let's promote wellness, less stiffness and less overwhelm,

one class at a time.

If your employees have more energy and less aches and pains, they're more efficient and productive - but you already knew that. 


Looking forward to partnering up and delivering more

"this feels soooo good" remarks across the office.

Warmly, Raquel


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