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I have no doubt you chose to teach yoga out of love and service, but we all know the day to day reality of going full-time is no walk in the park. 
This path is filled with ups and downs and I know navigating this landscape alone can be overwhelming and frustrating.


In the beginning you're enthusiastic and excited about sharing all you've learned in your teacher trainings with your students, and accept every gig that comes your way. 


Soon, you find yourself pretty busy and fairly overbooked running across town teaching and subbing a lot - cause you know, extra cash is always welcome. 


Your schedule is all across the board, early mornings, late evenings, teaching Sunday to Sunday. Since your schedule is so spotty, you end up having to kill time on cafes in between your classes.

The few private clients that you have seem at times disengaged and often cancel on you last minute. You're unsure of how much to charge for 1-on-1 classes and notice you're not equipped to teach private yoga.


Your schedule looks and feels full, but the moneys in the bank don't reflect all of your hard work. You're energetically exhausted and spread thin and instead of thriving, you're barely surviving. 


You love what you do, but you're realizing your current work situation is not sustainable in the long run. 

Ready to turn this around?

As a mentor, I help new teachers build self-confidence, become more skilled and prosper in their business.


In this in-depth 6 month mentorship, I have no doubt that you will grow exponentially as a teacher, as you'll receive the support you need to start working smarter.

How we'll work Together

live coaching sessions

We'll have 6 1h30min coaching sessions via These calls will be recorded and are yours to keep. 


This is your opportunity to ask me ANYTHING yoga business related. 


Annoyed at a student during class? Having a hard time communicating with management? Need help with marketing? 


We'll get to the nitty gritty of whichever topics are bubbling for you and find solutions together.

After each live session, you'll be given homework and specific tasks based on your needs, so expect to have your hands full in between our live calls.

unlimited email and audio message

You have unlimited e-mail and audio message access to me throughout our 6 month mentorship. 


This is your chance to give continuity to the topics discussed in the live coaching sessions. 


Had an a-ha moment right after our call and can't wait to share? Want to bounce off new ideas? Need more guidance on how to do your homework? 


Whether you just want to share an achievement or a low point, I am here to support you. 


Please note I will reply to you within 48 hours.

Allow me to help you uncomplicate your yoga biz so you can build a thriving career doing what you love.

Word from

Colleen Ballesteros

Yoga teacher - Sedona, AZ.

Raquel is the first yoga mentor I worked with. Every prominent career requires a mentorship or residency, and teaching yoga is no different. After taking one class from Raquel, I saw how she could elevate my teaching past my comfort zone! She made me realize the benefits of planning ahead (I was always a "winger"), knowing more about anatomy, and welcoming students as they are. 


Her amazing guidance helped me gain many compliments from my regulars as well as host my first weekend retreat! She was confident when I wasn't, and it truly helped me. Bottom line: if you want a caring mentor who is 100% accessible and goes the extra mile, Raquel is your woman!

Check out Colleen's evolution towards setting priorities straight, refining her offerings and boosting her yoga biz 

as a mentee, what can i expect?

6 1h30min online coaching sessions via 

unlimited e-mail and audio recording access 

in-depth support you need to build 

tools for you to continue improving our yoga biz

If you're tired of trying to figuring things out all by yourself, I have no doubt this mentorship will give you the boost you need to hit the ground running. 


No more overwhelm and self-doubt! 


Say "yes" to your growth and open up to the possibilities.  


I look forward to supporting you on this journey.



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